Monday 11 June 2012

"I am your father"

Pretty self-explanatory really.

Peter and the Wolf

Tried drawing some poses from "Peter and the Wolf", using choreography from the ballet I've done of the story for years. I'm hoping to try doing the same thing but with the figures less human-like. Baby steps.

Toni Collette

Her left eye is a bit far from her nose but otherwise I'm happy with this one.

Figure drawing dump #02

 Some more figure drawing...

Original sketch dump #03

 A bit of pose drawing and some expressions a bit later. Took some inspiration from the TV show I was half watching simultaneously, to practice capturing the essence of a pose quickly.

"Pagent Talk"

One of Kristin Wiig's many brilliant characters on SNL.

Original sketch dump #02

Just experimenting with a bit of squash and stretch in the face.

Figure drawing dump #01

 Found another great life drawing resource online, with photos of actual models rather than the 3D muscle models used at posemaniacs. It has timed drawings as well as "classes" that begin with quick gesture drawings and gradually building into longer poses. Pretty much the next best thing to an actual life drawing class.

I was happy that this had real people since I can focus more on general shapes of skin and flesh, with decent lighting.

Here's some of the sketches I've done using that tool; they vary in length of time drawing. Still got a long way to go, but it's a start.

Sunday 3 June 2012

"I'm broken"

Deb from Dexter, when she has a complete breakdown after the death of her boyfriend. This scene was acted incredibly by Jennifer Carpenter, and there were so many frames to choose from for this image. I'm quite keen to animate to that piece of dialogue in the near future.

"Cut Off"

Image from V for Vendetta; the scene where Natalie Portman has her head shaven. Really intense emotion I wanted to try my hand at. Pretty happy with the result.

Original sketch dump #01

Finally some original drawings without any ref pictures. I've only included the ones I didn't think were atrocious, and there are a couple in here I'm really happy with.

I started experimenting a bit with eye shapes, but eventually started doing whole faces and poses as well. This session highlighted how far I still am from where I want to be, since these expressions still weren't coming to me all that naturally. Need to keep practicing and get out and find more inspiration especially!! I definitely to broaden my range of what I draw too.

One step at a time!

"No, I'm not"

"I'm okay. No, I'm not"
- Michael Scott

Great subtle moment in The Office. Again. This is the second Michael Scott portrait I attempted; the first was so terrible I'm not going to post it.


Angelina Jolie crying.


Abed from Community... interesting expression though it's not quite the same as the original, which was less menacing. Mouth is a tad too wide methinks.

"Twenty One"

ANOTHER self portrait (okay this is the last one for real - planning to not do any more for a while).


The original image always makes me laugh; it's Kevin from The Office being force fed broccoli. Pretty much sums up my feelings on the subject too. Good exaggerated disgusted expression to draw. Original below...


Lucille Bluth from Arrested Development - not that happy with this one (it looks incredibly distorted especially on the top left corner of her face) BUT after quite a struggle getting the mouth with the right amount of pout, I got something right at least.

Friday 1 June 2012

"David 8"

David 8 from Prometheus. I wanted to capture the empty-looking sadness he has in the image below.


More expressions from Disney expression sheets... this time Rapunzel. I'm happy with a larger percentage of them than my previous ones, so I guess I'm getting slightly better at drawing with this style. Woo progress!