Sunday, 8 July 2012


Finally started watching Nurse Jackie season 4 and forgot how hilarious Zoey is.

Mother of Dragons


Not my best work (especially the wonky eyes) but this is Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones (played by Emilia Clarke).

Figure drawing dump #03

Some more figure drawings. I've been doing a lot but they get quite repetitive so I thought I'd pick out a single page of ones I was happy with to show progress. These are 60 second sketches. I'm slowly feeling more confident in speed drawing, and am finding over time I'm progressively adding more details (ie. I've noticed it really helps drawing a couple of lines to define the ribcage more obviously for certain poses).


Another self-portrait... I've decided I'm going to do one per sketchbook now (I'm onto my 4th A4 one since this new wave of drawing).

More Ariel...

I watched The Little Mermaid again recently and wanted to try my hand at drawing Ariel again. I think I'm getting more consistent at matching her facial proportions. Practice practice practice!!

Lano & Woodley

Aussie comedy duo Lano (above) and Woodley (below).

Back to it...

Been a bit quiet with this blog for the last month but I have been drawing, just not posting. Finally have a chance to catch it all up. I'll hopefully be a bit more consistent again now that life has become a bit less hectic.